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Jun 20, 2005

SpamAssassin Additions

Delivery Scripts

I've written a shell script that handles local delivery of email in a qmail environment.

To use the script you would place it in your .qmail file similar to this:


Of course, use the correct path to the script on your system.

I wrote this script (rather than using ifspamh) because I needed a way to delete high scoring messages that could be customized by the end user. In addition, I didn't want to store the full message in memory like ifspamh does.

Required Software

The following packages are required to be installed and working correctly for the spamassassin.sh to work properly:


The above shell script does rely on one extra program called spam_bounce. This program takes an email address on standard input and returns a numerical limit for that user on standard output. If there is no numerical limit for the supplied email address, it must return 0. The score returned by spam_bounce is used to determine whether to deliver the message or to delete it. Any email messages scored by SpamAssassin higher than the value returned by spam_bounce will be deleted from the user's mailbox. The default bounce score is defined in spamassassin.sh as 13.75.

I separated the spam_bounce functionality out of the main delivery script because different people would have this spam score limit information stored differently. The simplest method would be to have a shell script that looked up the information is a flat text file. On my system, I have a C program that retrieves the information from a MySQL database where all the SpamAssassin user preferences are stored.

Custom Rules

The local rules used by the Flarenet mail server are updated on a daily basis. I'm using a new system where I annotate when each rule was added or modified and why.

Local SpamAssassin Rules