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Mar 12, 2005

Additions for Qpsmtpd


These plugins are used daily by the Flarenet ISP mail server, but I have not submitted them to the Qpsmtpd maintainers. As always, use these plugins at your own risk. They work for me, but as far as I know I'm the only one using them.

Use the existing badmailpatterns and badrcptpatterns control files from the SPAMCONTROL patch.
Compares the reverse DNS (the host/domain name) against a collection of regular expressions.
Allow (or white-list) certain email RCPT TO email addresses or users. This is useful for allowing postmaster and abuse mail through.
Mimics rblsmtpd functionality with respect to the RBLSMTPD environment variable.

Pending Patches

The following patches have been sent to the Qpsmtpd mailing list, but are not currently part of the Qpsmtpd distribution. The date in brackets is the day I submitted the patch.