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Dec 2, 2005

Emacs Lisp

Emacs is my editor of choice, and like most people who use Emacs I have customized it to suite my personal taste. I have included copies of my customizations so that others may build on what I’ve created, or simply have a more pleasant working environment.

Lisp Source


This is my main .emacs file. It contains the bulk of the customizations, but it does include a few other features and functions that other people may find useful. Some of the code is written by me, and other parts I’ve found on the net.


To help me manage my time and my projects I have turned to the plannel-el (PlannerMode) major mode. Since I have worked as a independent IT consultant, I often need to track the number of hours I work on projects for various clients. I have customized and extended planner-el to allow me to clock in and out of a task. Upon clock-out the system will automatically prompt me for a description of what I did during the clocked-in time, and then write a note on the task page for the project detailing the amount of time I spent, and allowing me to classify the work performed. I then have a separate Perl script that takes the raw task pages and produces an invoice. I think it’s a very slick setup.


I have done a lot of firmware programming on various Microchip PIC micro-controllers, and I found that the default asm-mode.el script did not handle the idiosyncrasies of the PIC assembly language very well. Therefore, I created pic-asm-mode.el as an extension to asm-mode.el. It syntax highlights PIC assembly mnemonics and handles formatting correctly.