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Oct 14, 2005

Eight Traits of a Creative Person

The following traits were listed in “Pencil Dancing” by Mari Messer as an example of what creative people posses. The author goes on to state that the reader should copy the list and then hilight the traits the reader currently possesses in one colour, and the traits they wish to further develop in another colour. The traits are posted where they can be daily seen, and a log is kept of the progress. From time to time the chart should be updated to reflect your current creative profile.


  • You’re not afraid to fail.
  • You think independently; you’re not overly influenced by others’ opinions.
  • You have confidence in your own abilities and insights.


  • You possess unwaning energy and enthusiasm.
  • You persevere despite difficulties.
  • You finish what you start.


  • You’re open and receptive to new ways and ideas.
  • You’ve sensitive to a need or opportunity.
  • You have a keen awareness of your surroundings and of other people.


  • You’re not locked into doing things a certain way.
  • You’re quick to compromise and willing to try a new approach.
  • You’re eager to broaden experience by listening to other people’s ideas.


  • You have the ability to generate many unique answers to a single question, problem or situation.
  • Your creativity is a true expression of your real self.
  • You don’t strive to be original, but you naturally are.

Good Judgement

  • You can recognize a good idea or a bad one.
  • You show realistic insight.
  • You’re willing to test ideas in the real world.

Broad Experience and Skills

  • You show competence in a least one chosen field.
  • You have many interests.
  • You’re an articulate and persuasive communicator.


  • Your sense of humour is infectious and not harmful to others.
  • You honour the spirit of exploration and curiosity.
  • You’re not ashamed of your ability to fantasize, dream and imagine.