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Nov 16, 2005

Still Looking for Work

After selling my business at the beginning of June, and getting married at the end of June, I am now looking for full-time work in the Simcoe and surrounding area. During the past few months I’ve done some consulting work for various companies, but unless a bunch of large consulting jobs materialize, I would much rather work for a stable company looking for a highly skilled IT professional.

My job search in the Simcoe area has been a bit frustrating, but I am hopeful that something will come along soon. I love Simcoe, and I would hate to have to leave simply because I could not get work in my chosen field. Far too many young people have left this community because of lack of opportunity. I don’t want to be the latest casualty.

So, if any of you know of any company in the Simcoe (or surrounding area) who could use my skills please let me know. Thank you.