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Mar 29, 2005

Learning C# and ASP.NET

Brett would be so proud of me. Over the past couple of days I’ve been learning C# and ASP. C# has that Visual Basic tinged Java feel to it, while ASP seems unlike anything else I’ve worked with before.

While I’m not a big fan of Java, I think I might be able to tolerate working with C# and ASP. Brett has talked about us doing some Windows application, so these technologies should make that part easier than coding with either MFC (shudder) or the raw Win32API. The part I’m not thrilled about is the 25MB .NET download. I know it will be part of future Windows releases, and that most people have already downloaded it through Windows Update, but I still have a problem requiring a 25MB download just to use an application I write for Windows.

I guess it’s trading a huge-client size download against the lowered development time and effort. Maybe I’m just being old fashioned. In this age of multi-gigabyte hard drives, 25MB doesn’t seem that bad. There is definitely a contrast between when I develop for Windows and when I develop using industrial micro-controllers (like the Microchip PICs, often with less than 16KB of total program space!)