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Mar 13, 2005

Site Design

Finally, an updated design and logo for WormBytes. Every since I spun the consulting part of my job out of Flarenet, I’ve felt I needed a new design and unique logo. Well, today I found a spare few minutes to develop the little worm in the corner to go with the updated colour scheme and layout. Everyone seems to think he looks cute. I haven’t named him yet of course.

The updated site is a collection of static pages. However, I do use a bit of programming to bring everything together. To ensure a consistent look I use Template Toolkit to process a bunch of HTML fragments. Since I already use TT for dynamic websites, it makes sense to leverage the same technology to produce this site.

I have plans on updating this page often (like a blog, but let’s not call it that.) If you have any suggestions on what I should post, let me know.